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Fabulous Fleeces

Our fleeces come first! -Literally and figuratively. Upon its founding, Windy Wool Windings was started with a dream of creating quality, designer fleeces that push the boundaries of breed characteristics and offer unique traits any fiber-fan would envy. Harvested each Spring, our award-winning fleeces are available by appointment or at exhibitions. Our cream-of-the crop is exhibited twice per year- at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in West Friendship, Maryland in May as well as the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Fletcher, North Carolina in late October. Check out some of our favorite color combos and textures below:

Typical of the Montadale breed, these ‘crystal clear’ white fleeces are lower in lanolin than most fine/medium wools. It has a very springy handle that makes it a great spinning yarn as well as wonderful for blending with wools, such as alpaca and llama, that are low in memory. The crystal white is an excellent dying fiber and produces a very clear, rich finished color.
Some people love it, some people just can’t take the heat-you decide! These beautiful charcoal fleeces come with ‘burning tips’ where the outermost ends of the fibers are bleached by the sun giving the fiber copper tints with the original deep charcoal color.
‘Spin’ your morning with a-latta mocha. Our Romeldale fleeces come in a wide variety of coffee, cream, mocha, cinnamon and caramel. These melt-in-your-finger fleeces will give you the cafe crave!
Crystal Clear

Fire On the Mountain

Latta Mocha

Interested in purchasing raw fleeces? Shop our online selection or contact us for more information on samples and availability.